Bullets Have no Name move poster

Andy Hale is Executive Producer of “Bullets Have No Names”

Hale & Monico principal and trial attorney Andy Hale is the executive producer of “Bullets Have No Names,” a documentary about gun violence in Chicago.  The documentary features residents of Chicago who are trying to make a difference in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods to bring an end to gun violence.

“Bullets Have No Names” is not Mr. Hale’s only media project.  Mr. Hale has produced and been featured in several documentary movies about wrongful convictions, including “A Murder in the Park” and “White Boy”.  Mr. Hale was also the host of “Case Files Chicago,” an emmy-nominated local television show in Chicago about unsolved murders.

Mr. Hale is a skilled trial attorney whose practice focuses on civil rights litigation.  Mr. Hale prides himself as an attorney seeking justice for his clients, whether plaintiff or defendant.  Mr. Hale has represented the City of Chicago and Chicago police officers in civil rights litigation.  Mr. Hale also represents clients who he believes are innocent and wrongfully incarcerated. Mr. Hale has been able to vacate the convictions of two individuals, who were imprisoned for 47 years and 20 years.

More information about Bullets Have No Names is available on IMDB.