rear end auto accidents

What to Do After a Rear-End Automobile Accident

Rear-end automobile accidents are one of the most common types of wrecks involving motor vehicles. In 2017, there were over 92,000 rear-end collisions in the state. Although not all rear-end auto accidents are serious, they cause tens of thousands of injuries every year and dozens of deaths. No matter how serious your accident is, you should talk to a knowledgeable Illinois automobile accident attorney.

What can cause a rear-end auto accident?

There are several different causes of rear-end crashes. Most of them are preventable, meaning the responsible driver was negligent. Some of the most common causes of these wrecks include:

  • Following too closely. Motorists should allow at least three seconds between them and another vehicle. Very few drivers, especially during rush hour, obey this rule.
  • Not paying attention. There are more distractions than ever in automobiles. Loud radios, misbehaving passengers, and of course cell phones are major examples. A driver who is less focused on the road will be more likely to rear-end another vehicle.
  • Sudden lane changes. Suddenly changing lanes cuts off other drivers and makes it likely someone will rear-end the vehicle that jumped in front. It also increases the risk that the lane-changing driver will rear-end someone else.
  • Reduced visibility. Rain, bright afternoon sun, fog, and other weather conditions can make it far more difficult to see other vehicles. If your vision is blurred, obstructed, or otherwise decreased, you may get into a wreck.
  • Bad road conditions. No matter how safe you drive, poor road conditions can make it difficult to brake. Rain, for example, may combine with oil on the road to make it slick. Ice and black ice also cause a number of problems.
  • Trying to avoid roadway hazards. If you’re driving, and something suddenly falls off the back of a truck, there’s a good chance you’ll instinctively swerve to avoid hitting it and thereby cause a rear-end collision. But if the driver was following the truck too closely, he or she may be partially to blame.

Common Injuries Caused by A Rear-End Accident

In minor rear-end auto accidents, the accident will cause property damage to the vehicle. More serious wrecks will lead to physical injury, which may be severe. Some of those injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs
  • Concussion
  • Neck, spine, and back injuries
  • Numbness
  • Pinched nerves
  • Paralysis

Your injuries may not seem serious at first but could become more severe with time. Even if you think your injuries are minor or non-existent, let a physician make that call.

After you get the medical attention you need, talk to an experienced automobile accident lawyer. Although Illinois law presumes that the driver who struck from behind was liable, this is not always the case. The other driver may present evidence that either mitigates his or her responsibility or puts the blame for the accident on you.

For example, if a driver suddenly jumps in front of you, and you get into a wreck, there’s a good chance that the driver will blame you. In a case like this, you may suffer injuries yourself, all because the other driver was negligent. But what happens if that motorist starts pointing fingers at you? That’s where our team comes in.

When you retain us as your auto accident law firm, we investigate what happened and let you know what your legal options are. We go after the liable party and make sure they pay the maximum damages the law allows. Accidents can be expensive, and medical bills and lost time from work should not be your problem.

Let us help hold the responsible driver accountable in a court of law. Give us a call at Hale & Monico today.