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A Murder In The Park

Attorney Andy Hale is the Executive Producer of this documentary movie about the wrongful conviction of Alstory Simon, who was exonerated after spending 16 years in prison. Mr. Hale appears in the film as well. The documentary premiered on Showtime and is now available on Netflix.

Articles and link to Netflix film:

Case Files Chicago

Attorney Andy Hale was the Executive Producer and Host of this emmy-nominated weekly television show that ran for six years in Chicago and appeared on The CW, the local Fox TV station. The show profiled unsolved homicides in Chicago and sought to bring justice to the families of the victims.

See the website here.

Wrong Cat

Attorney Andy Hale is the Executive Producer of this documentary movie about the arrest and incarceration of Cleve Heidelberg who was wrongfully convicted of killing a Peoria, Illinois police officer in 1970. Mr. Hale undertook an investigation of Mr. Heidelberg’s case and was able to prove his innocence. Mr. Heidelberg spent 47 years in prison before his conviction was vacated. The documentary is in post-production and will be completed in late 2019. Here are some trailers for the movie:

Click here to view the website I created while working on Cleve’s case.

One of many articles about Cleve’s conviction being vacated – After 47 Years Cleve Heidelberg Stepping From Graveyard

The Cleve Heidelberg case was also featured on the show Final Appeal on the Oxygen Network – Cleve Heidelberg Who Spent Nearly 50 Years In Jail Found Dead 10 Months After Release

White Boy

Attorney Andy Hale is an Executive Producer for this documentary movie that chronicles the incarceration of Richard Wershe, Jr., who became an informant for the FBI at age 14 and was arrested in 1987 as a 17 year old for a nonviolent drug offense and sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Wershe has spent over three decades in prison. The film explores the legal and political corruption involved in Mr. Wershe’s case. The film premiered at the DOC NYC film fest in 2017.

The trailer for the theatrical version of White Boy Rick, starring Matthew McConaughey:

A New True-crime Doc About White Boy Rick Will Make You Madder Than Hell – Vice

Bullets Have No Names

Attorney Andy Hale is the creator and producer of this short documentary film that attempts to shine a light on Chicago’s gun violence and the impact it has on people’s everyday lives. Click here to watch the film!