Chicago Outfit VIP Mike ‘The Large Guy’ Sarno wants COVID-19 prison break

CHICAGO (WLS) — The ABC7 I-Team has learned a once-high ranking Chicago mobster now claims COVID-19 is threatening his life.

Mike Sarno is the latest Outfit member to play the coronavirus card in an attempt to get out of prison early.

This past century, the Chicago Outfit hasn’t exactly been known for job security or the longevity of its top men. But, even in a business notorious for hit-men and torture, there may never have been a menace as feared as COVID-19.
In his younger days, Sarno was being groomed for big things in the Chicago Outfit, according to federal investigators. Even his nickname was changed from “Fat Boy” to “The Large Guy.”

But then he got in trouble with the law. In the early 90s, he went away for racketeering, gambling and extortion. When he got out, his underworld career took off, and in a groundbreaking co-op with the Outlaw biker gang, Sarno took the Outfit into a new realm.