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American citizens are guaranteed certain civil rights. When those rights are violated, you have recourse under the law. At Hale & Monico, we are committed to protecting and defending the freedoms guaranteed to our people.

Why Choose Us?

  • Andy Hale and Brian Monico are primarily trial lawyers who approach every case with the mentality that it is going to trial. They are dedicated and passionate about protecting their clients’ rights.
  • Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience successfully advocating for people who have suffered violations or police misconduct. We have secured tens of millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients.
  • We are thorough in our case preparation and creative in our approach to investigations and litigation in the courtroom.

What Are Civil Rights?

Civil rights can be defined as the rights citizens have to social and political freedom and equality. They are designed to protect individuals from unfair treatment or discrimination in settings that include education, employment, housing, and public accommodations. Most civil rights laws originate at the federal level. They also come from federal court decisions and state law.

Law Enforcement Civil Rights Violations

Police officers have a duty to uphold the law. Civil rights laws are meant to balance that duty with the rights of individuals to be protected from the police. A person who has been victimized by police misconduct has legal options for recourse and may be entitled to damages.

Types of Civil Rights Violations We Handle

Civil institutions and their employees are required to treat citizens equally and fairly. The law provides remedies when law enforcement authorities violate a person’s rights. We represent individuals in a range of violation matters, including:

  • Illegal searches
  • False arrest (being unreasonably held by law enforcement under authority of the law)
  • Use of excessive force (for example, injuries from handcuffs, shoulder injuries from being shoved in a police car, and police shootings)
  • Wrongful conviction
  • False imprisonment (when an individual is confined against his or her will without legal justification)
  • Seizure of property
  • Failure to read Miranda rights
  • Malicious prosecution (wrongful institution of criminal proceedings against a person without reasonable grounds)
  • Planting evidence
  • Denial of due process (no person is to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law under the Fourteenth Amendment)

Why You Need an Attorney

If you feel that you have suffered a violation, our experienced civil rights attorneys can help set things right. Civil rights cases can be complicated. It may be necessary to file a claim with the government before filing a lawsuit in court. We can provide sound legal guidance and dedicated advocacy in any of these matters.

Contact Our Civil Rights Attorney Today!

Our attorneys at Hale & Monico have been successfully representing individuals in civil rights violation cases for a number of years. We have vast trial experience and a history of success in the courtroom. If any of the aforementioned situations happened to you, you may be entitled to file a claim for compensation. Contact us right away to schedule a free consultation with no obligation so we can explain your options under the law.