Pipefitter Injured on the Job

Our client was a 50-year-old union pipefitter who was fixing a leaking fire sprinkler at a warehouse. The pipe was too high for his ladder, so the warehouse provided a lift basket which was attached to a forklift. The forklift driver improperly picked up the lift basket. As a result of improperly picking up the basket, the basket slid off the side of the forklift, when at its highest point, causing our client to fall more than 20 feet to the ground below. The fall resulted in catastrophic injuries to our client. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, with significant cognition problems, a broken arm, leg, and pelvis. As a result of his injuries, our client was unable to work again or provide for his family. The settlement monies will provide some financial stability for his family for the future, but his cognitive functioning remains extremely limited

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