Lawyer looking over expert witness statement.

The Role Of An Expert Witness In Your Personal Injury Case

We think of witnesses as being the individuals who see the events surrounding an accident or injury. There’s another group of witnesses who can provide testimony about more technical, scientific, or specialized matters. These are the expert witnesses, and in many personal injury and accident cases, they play an invaluable role in winning compensation for the victim.

Ordinary witnesses can testify about facts and events leading up to and immediately after an accident or injury. But these witnesses generally cannot discuss more technical matters that require professional expertise or practice. This information could be highly relevant to establishing fault, a necessary element in your personal injury or accident case.

Consider an automobile accident involving an at-fault driver. An ordinary witness can describe some of the events leading up to it, such as if he or she saw the driver swerving in and out of lanes. But there is only so much that ordinary witness testimony can tell us about how the accident happened. An expert witness can go further by analyzing forensic and other forms of evidence. This information could be critical where there is less clear evidence about the at-fault driver’s role in the accident.

Where You Might Need an Expert Witness

Here are a few examples of when you may want an expert witness to help a jury understand your accident or injury:

  • The precise steps in how the accident or injury occurred
  • The degree of negligence of the liable party
  • How the accident or injury could have been prevented
  • The long-term forecast of the injuries
  • What types of physical or emotional injuries were sustained in the accident

Expert witnesses often testify about matters that are not as apparent. For example, an expert may be able to explain why a defendant’s theory of how the accident happened is unlikely and unsupported by the evidence. This is information that an ordinary witness does not have the expertise to discuss.

Some examples of specific types of expert witnesses are:

  • Medical experts. These professionals can testify as to the extent of the victim’s injuries and the recovery process, along with complications the victim may face. Medical expenses are a major point of contention in accident and injury cases, and defendants tend to dispute the cost and necessity of treatments.
  • Accident reconstruction experts. These experts explain certain details that took place during the accident or injury itself. For example, they can discuss the speed or trajectory of the vehicle that struck the victim. This evidence can go a long way in explaining the extent of the injuries as well as liability.
  • Vocational experts. Your job performance may be drastically impacted by your injuries. A vocational expert witness can explain how exactly the injury reduces your capacity to work.

The accident attorneys of Hale & Monico take a comprehensive approach from beginning to end and build a strong case for the jury. We have a network of expert witnesses on whom we can call to make it clear why you need the compensation being demanded. There’s a lot riding on your case, so let us fight for you. Call today to learn more.